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Navigator Support+

For hospitals and managed care organizations building new patient relationships in key treatment areas such as Cancer Care, Women’s Health and Cardiovascular Care, Navigator Support+ is designed to resolve key consumer issues that pose a barrier to receiving healthcare services.

Navigator Support+ reduces uncompensated care costs by addressing unresolved health insurance issues and improves the patient experience utilizing a seamless journey. Consumer assistance is provided by phone or in-person at on-site, local assistance centers or within the community in your primary service area.

Eligibility & enrollment: Provide objective assistance to ensure consumers have appropriate healthcare coverage under eligible programs including private health insurance options, Medicaid and Medicare.

Network utilization: Ensure consumers remain in-network for appropriate healthcare utilization.

Explanation of benefits: Offer personalized assistance for consumers with a tailored inquiry regarding their health insurance coverage for upcoming treatment or prescription need.

Health screening navigation: Avoid losing contact with consumers who may require follow-up treatment.

Certified Navigator

Navigator Online+

For hospitals and managed care organizations to improve customer service on their website, Navigator Online+ provides live navigation assistance to enhance patient relationships and improve patient access seamlessly integrated into your organization’s existing website.

Our eligibility & enrollment, network utilization and explanation of benefts services are offered through a dedicated navigation team live on your website.

Navigator Online+ improves consumer engagement, follow-up and overall satisfaction resulting in a significant increase in new patient relationships. Integrating online patient access services reduces uncompensated care by resolving consumer financial assistance concerns up front.