We Specialize In Live Navigation Assisitance.

Challenges we solve

Our Care Advisors will take you through the process step-by-step, at no cost to you.

Quickly Identifies<br>Visitor Needs

Quickly Identifies
Visitor Needs

Hospitals websites may overwhelm visitors with an average 57 different links on the homepage and a physician directory with more than 300 doctors across 12 different medical services areas to choose from



Personalized assistance on the website is currently the #1 feature preferred by website visitors, however most hospitals do not offer this feature.

Build Trusted<br>Relationships

Build Trusted

An estimated 23% of hospital website visitors are seeking healthcare services, and more than half leave the website in search of other online resources for assistance.

Rest assured we’ll help you find the right care, everytime.

We can help make the process easier.

Our Technology & Solution

Care Advisors is a web service integrated into an existing site that connects patients to live assistance.
We improve engagement and overall satisfaction resulting in a significant increase in new patient relationships.

How We’re Unique

Unlike live web chat services which can be expensive to operate and cumbersome to use or chat bots that cannot handle complex requests and frustrate consumers, Care Advisors is a scalable service and it provides amazing customer service from live humans.

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