Social Care Automation for Community Health

Rapid access to government benefits and community-based social services.

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We help hospitals and clinical social workers connect patients to the best resources and rapidly enroll them in benefits to address social care needs. Our Social Care Automation tool also enables hospitals to generate revenue from preventive health programs.

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Health Plans

Our Social Care Automation technology helps health plans reduce overutilization and puts the focus on preventive care. We also offer automated support to quickly enroll new members and keep existing members in coverage to maintain the continuity of care.

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Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

CBOs are vital in addressing the social care needs for vulnerable populations locally, and our technology makes it easier for organizations to deliver their specialized services. Join our extensive network of CBOs and start working with leading healthcare organizations.

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Social Workers

Clinical social workers play a key role in identifying the social needs of patients and connecting them to the most appropriate resources. Our Social Worker Forum is a place to connect with other clinical social workers locally to share best practices and learnings.


One Location for Connecting Communities to Care

Revenue improvement of up to


from Medicaid and Medicare wellness programs

Our Active Payments solution helps you identify high-risk patients and rapidly enroll them in social service benefits and care coordination programs to drive new revenue from value-based payments.

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Improve retention rates by


for existing plan members

By keeping members enrolled in your health plan, you can ensure the continuity of care stays intact and members maintain access to preventive care.

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Automate the enrollment process to increase capacity for a


improvement in case management efficiency

Increasing the capacity of your care coordinators and social workers allows them to focus on the delivery of care and reaching more patients.

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Reduce time spent building data-driven strategies by


for social care management

Bring data-driven social care management strategies to your CBO quickly, with access to our data resources for driving new revenue and grant dollars for programmatic services.

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With people at the center,
social service gets personal at scale

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Community Care Network

An active network of partners collaborating to deliver community services

We enhance social care management with our extensive network and smart matching tools.

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Government Links

Automation-driven enrollment gateway for government benefits

We use automation to streamline enrollment into government benefits such as Medicaid, SNAP, and cash assistance.

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Allied Benefits Portal

A one-stop shop to track all your social service benefits at your fingertips

Our consumer gateway makes it easy to access key information about all your social services in one place.

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Active Insights

Predictive analytics and strategic social care management

Predictive modeling to identify and manage high-risk patients based on unique patient level data.

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Active Payments

Value-based payment management through social care automation

We help your organization deploy value-based payments strategies for social care management.


Expert Teams to Help,
Every Step of the Journey

CareAdvisors is a fast-moving, minority-owned technology company that helps millions of individuals gain rapid access to social service benefits. Our founding team has more than 10 years of experience helping patients gain access to social service benefits and vital healthcare in Chicago.

Meet Our Team

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Chris Grace

CEO of CareAdvisors

Chris co-founded CareAdvisors and has grown it to become a leader in social care management, working with major hospitals and health plans. He previously built one of the largest healthcare navigation programs, helping over one million low-income individuals enroll in social service benefit programs.

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Dawn Gay

Executive Director of CareAdvisors

Dawn has over 25 years of experience across diversified healthcare settings. She previously served as Executive Director of the I.B. of T. Local 705, Teamsters Health Center where she fostered an interest in building values-driven relationships to serve vulnerable populations and address social determinants of health.

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